abril 17, 2014

[Segurança] The Day Our Privacy Died

Vídeo muito divertido para celebrarmos a falta de privacidade na era pós-Snowden, provavelmente divulgado no The eMetrics Summit, SF 2014:

Segue a letra:
Long, long time ago
I can still remember how the Internet used to make me smile.
And I knew if I had my chance
I could overcome the rants
Crybabies whining their data was compiled

But Julien Assaunge made me shiver
With every WikiLeak he delivered.
Bad news on my modem
And then came Edward Snowden.

I don't remember if I cried
When we learned of NSA Inside
Open source and greed collide
The day our privacy died.

And we were singing
Bye-bye anonymity lie
Trusted Facebook with my data but Mark Zuck was not shy
He sold it to the bidders cause the bidders were high
And Amazon knows everything that I buy
Amazon knows everything that I buy

Hey do you Like the things I love.
And do you have faith in Cloud above.
If Hype Cycle tells you so?
Now do you believe that it's just you two
In a conversation twixt her and you.
The walls have ears and you know that Google does too.

Google knows that you're in love with him.
Cause you Instagramed him in the gym.
You both tweeted out the news
As if you had nothing to lose.

I was a lonely teenage gaming nerd.
Hacking a rip off of Angry Birds
Until their lawyers overheard
The day our privacy died.

And we were singing bye-bye communication blue sky
I tried Twitter as transmitter but the ads were bone dry
Baffling noise drowned the signal's bull's eye
And opt-in's just a new way to spy
Opt-in's just a new way to spy

Now for 10 years we were clicking wild.
Thinking no one would want to track this child.
But that's only how it used to be.
When the ad men sang for the biggest brands
They had 'em eating out of their hands
And the Mad Men said tracking's for you and me.

Oh, and while the brands were placing bets
The hackers stole their data sets.
The firewalls were burned
No data was returned.

And while Bill Gates read a book on Jobs
Merchants prayed to data gods
Our cries were turned to sniffling sobs
The day our privacy died

And we were singin' Hi, Hi to the new FBI
I'm just frozen by my modem cause my modem's a spy
And government boys are hanging off my wi-fi
Singin' there's no place left you can hide.
There's just place left you can hide

I met a girl who warned of laws
Of nation's rules causing data withdrawals
But merchants smiled and turned away.

I went down to the sacred store
The iBeacon followed me through the door
And the man there said that prying was the only way

And in the streets, the tweeters scowled
The Tumblrs cried, SnapChatters growled
But not a word was spoken
Resistance all was broken

And the three ideas I admire the most
Opinions, views and the thoughtful post
They caught the last train for the coast
The day our privacy died

We were singin' bye-bye, info we want to hide
Our data's been translated to the money supply
Our phones are tracking us wherever we fly
This science seems to be misapplied.

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